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The world's utilities sector is changing, and you need to keep up with confidence. Great infrastructure and industry insight alone won’t cut it. You need a powerful combination of experience, knowledge, and cutting-edge technology solutions for your business to keep reaching its goals.

100,000+ Hours of Utilities Consulting and Technology Implementation Experience

Utilities in both Canada and the United States have relied on ARC’s expertise and knowledge to advise them in both regulated and deregulated utilities environments. Our deep industry knowledge, honed by advising clients and regulators since the beginning of deregulation in the Alberta energy market, is a powerful tool we bring to all client projects to ensure success.

We pride ourselves in holding an exceptional track record of on-time, on-budget, and high-value projects that result in significant savings, cost recovery, and growth opportunities for our clients.

Utilities sector consulting

Explore our knowledge and technology-based solutions that will enable your business to operate efficiently, grow, and thrive.

Strategic and Management Consulting

Custom Software

Package Implementation
and Enhancement

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Competitive Digital

Deep Utilities Expertise

Our utilities expertise lies in six key areas that will set your business apart. Powered by deep industry knowledge and forward-thinking technology solutions for the modern utilities provider, we give you the missing pieces to stay ahead in a shifting and competitive industry.

  • IT & Business Strategy
  • Regulatory & Market Mechanics
  • Market Design
  • Business Process Architecture
  • Demand Management
  • Market Return Maximization
  • Operational Process Improvement
  • Core Deregulation Systems
  • Industry-Specific Systems
  • Customer Care & Engagement
  • Data Analytics & Warehouses
  • Market Operations & Mechanics
  • SCADA & OT Systems
  • GIS
  • “Meter To Cash”
  • Customer Information Systems
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • GIS
  • ERP
  • MDM & Metering
  • HR & Finance
  • Billing
  • Customer Care
  • Asset Management
  • Load & Financial Settlement
  • Data Transmission
  • Vendors Such As IBM (Maximo), SAP & Oracle, iTron, Landis+Gyr, ESRI, GE, Microsoft, & Many Others

Custom Utility Products Implemented

  • RASeR – Audit Tool
  • LASeR – Settlement
  • Billing (Mass and C&I)
  • ARCPower and ARC Billing
  • NOMAD – AESS: Electric
  • NOMAD – NGSS: Gas

Functional Areas

  • Revenue Assurance
  • Market Transaction
  • Management
  • Load Forecasting
  • Billing
  • Profiling
  • Data Warehousing
  • Customer Care / CRM
  • ERP Interface
  • And More…
  • Large Volume / Good Performance
  • Can Eliminate Market Complexities
  • Accurate, Self-Healing
  • Auditable
  • Full Adherence To The Regulations, Including Changes
  • Handles Differences Between All Parties
  • Flexible & adaptable
  • Can Handle Timing Differences On Source Data
  • Utility Management
  • Business Process Optimization
  • Resource Coverage
  • Diagnostic Audits
  • Regulatory & Board Support
  • Expert Witness
  • Rates Design
  • Forecasting

Elizabeth Genge

Recruitment Specialist

Elizabeth Genge is ARC's Recruitment Specialist. She has held this position for 8 years and handles company-wide recruitment needs. Elizabeth is a reliable, hardworking individual who is able to efficiently complete tasks while maintaining a high attention to detail. Contact her if you are interested in joining our team!

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Why We Succeed

ARC thrives because we work in partnership with our clients, combining our skills, goals, and knowledge to complete projects to the highest standards of success. Through open and honest communication and early engagement, we tackle issues head-on, planning for risk contingency and mitigation before they get out of hand.


After working on over 200 utility sector projects, ARC is armed with a full suite of technology solutions and expert knowledge to keep your business on the cutting edge of the utilities industry.

Here are a few other reasons ARC is the best bet for your business: 

  • We offer a mix of packages and custom solutions
  • We have resolved challenges for many large, multi-vendor, multi-year projects including 50% project rescues
  • Our solutions are leading edge innovation
  • We can manage business problems with or without IT
  • We don’t believe in “buzz words” — we offer real value in everything we say and do
  • ARC focuses on long-term success, not quick, poorly executed projects

Proven, Actionable Results

  • We have a track record of helping utilities companies transform and grow
  • We can handle complete overhauls and restructures after deregulation of the market
  • ARC sees 10x investment returns for their clients
  • Our solutions have evolved as our clients do — No reworks necessary
  • We meet you where you’re at, starting with a strategy to enable change and transformation at its full potential

Utility Sectors We Have Worked In

  • IT
  • OT / Scada / Control room
  • Corporate Applications
  • Forecasting
  • Meter to Cash / Customer Care / Operations
  • Regulatory and Markets
  • GIS
  • Asset Management

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