Case Studies

Our team of experts can help in various capacities, including IT consulting, business analysis, project management, system architecture, and more.

ARC has expertise in the design and implementation of both regulated and deregulated markets.

Industry comparisons and knowledge of implementation successes and challenges.

Load and financial settlement in regulated and deregulated markets including utilizing the tools to normalize data per time period (eg. hour) and determine distribution losses, potential theft, and unaccounted for energy.

What We Do

Case Studies:

  • Participated as part of a group of 8 to determine what the Alberta markets should look like (WISE Group)
  • Participated as part of a group of 25 to design the market (SSG Group)
  • Implemented large systems for most of the market players in Alberta
  • Testified in front of the Utility Commission
  • Provided expert witness testimony
  • Performed detailed data analysis studies for market design and change of the criminal code
  • Long term planning and strategies in markets to provide better customer care or improved cost coverage
  • Avoidance of deregulation by changes in strategy (SaskPower)
  • Unaccounted for energy and loss reviews
  • Net generation (solar and wind) market requirements and billing (VT)
  • Load forecasting, peak demand and control (VT)

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“The ARC consultants have excellent technical, communication and leadership skills. ARC is truly a long term IT consulting partner of RECA."
Stefan Myroniuk, It Manager
Real Estate Council Of Alberta

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