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Our team of experts can help in various capacities, including IT consulting, business analysis, project management, system architecture, and more.


• Sole professional association (people and organizations) within jurisdiction
• Serves over 10,000 members and hundreds of organizations
• Business Strategy and Transformation Assessment
• Portfolio, Program, Project Management
• Solution Architecture and Design
• Business Analysis, Process Improvement, and Quality Assurance
• Quality Assurance and Test Strategy Execution
• .Net/SQL Development
• iOS/Android Development
• Data migration and co-existence
• DW/BI Reporting
• Solution Support
• Records Management Consulting


As part of the Client’s strategic growth, and with initial work to investigate and quantify business impacts during phase 1, approval was given for a multiyear plan to replace and improve all legacy core administrative and financial systems. The key drivers for the replacement were the organizational need to improve insight and engagement of its customers and refit the organization with modern technologies that will be operational for the next 15+ years. The following functional areas were in scope for system replacement:
1. Centralized customer, organizations, third-party, and employee contact management system
2. Membership system management of customers from cradle-to-grave
3. All membership AR and AP systems and subsystems
4. Refit DW/BI reporting for all replaced systems
5. Mobile app for customers


The first phase of the transformation was an organization-wide business and technology investigation to establish targets that will inform and align a multi-year program with project funding. Deliver and integrate five (5) CRM solutions in thee clients first CRM. Deliver and integrate five (5) data migration and coexistence from/with legacy systems solutions Oracle system to MS Dynamics CRM. Deliver and integrate over six (6) BI/DW data migrations from Oracles/Cognos to MS SSRS, SSIS, etc. and MS Power BI. Deliver and integrate two (2) custom financial general ledger and sub ledger systems in MS .Net. Inaugural mobile app (iOS/Android) delivered, built and broadly released across the breadth of the membership, some government departments and the public.

ARC lead this business and IT transformation portfolio, programs, and projects over the course of 3+ years from 2016 through to 2020 (on-going) in the following roles and with approximately ten (10) resources working across various projects:
• Portfolio, Program, and Project Management
• Solutions Architect, Application Architect
• CRM Functional Analyst
• Business Strategy and Records Management Consultants
• Business Analyst
• Data and Report Analyst
• Developer
• Quality Assurance
• Database and Application Support Analyst
• Portfolio, Program, and Project management of the unified toolset and shared data transformation
o PM’d the initial Business Assessment project which gathered all the org’s needs to support leadership approval to embark and navigate a 3-5 year business transformation that was fuelled and enable by an IT transformation
o Governance: CFO, COO, and IT Director (Sponsor)
o Forecasts and tracking were built/tuned to forecast the upcoming 6 to 18 month business cycle to align with the org’s financial planning and capacity for adopting change
o CRM Program initiated the core customer, supplier, location, etc. base data for the business
o CRM small (~3 month) follow-on projects leveraged the CRM toolset
o Drove the custom-built in-house financial sub-systems (GL and sub-GL modules)
• Delivered 10+ business solutions
• Initial Business Assessment organization-wide (top to bottom & end to end) to identify and define unified processes, shared data, and inter-department synergies to improve insight and engagement of their member (physicians)
• Module-by-Module business analysis (and QA/QC)
o Business Analysis – Each niche or collaborative
o Requirement Planning
o Elicitation
o Documentation
o Verification
o Testing – validation (i.e. QA/QC) was completed as each module was designed, developed, trained, and deployed
Change Management for each business department and working group
• Waterfall and Agile methodologies were used to rebuild the core operational systems and database
o Waterfall: 3rd -party CRM (MS Dynamics) assessed, defined, configured, tested, trained, deployed, and implemented
o Agile: Custom financials (GL and sub-GL modules) assessed, designed, built, migrated, tested, trained, deployed, and implemented

ARC continues to provide support of these solutions today.

“The ARC consultants have excellent technical, communication and leadership skills. ARC is truly a long term IT consulting partner of RECA."
Stefan Myroniuk, It Manager
Real Estate Council Of Alberta

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