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The focus of this work package was to assess and understand the current state related to a professional assocation’s application processing including: people, process, platforms/technology, and compliance position with Government of Alberta information management standards.
In addition, we were tasked to analyze the current state within a professional association’s, assess alternatives for application processing, and make a recommendation for a potential future state that:
o Meets business needs and enables a professional association to be more proactive
o Mitigates people/organizational change impacts
o Minimizes total cost of ownership
o Leverages existing investment in technology assets
o Ensures a technology fit with a professional association’s future plans
o Positions a professional association to align with Government of Alberta ISO 15489 (information management)


The focus of this work package was to assess and understand the current state related to a professional association’s e-form (electronic form) processes, capabilities, risks/issues and technology tools, analyze the current state and assess alternatives for e-Forms processing, and develop a recommendation for future state e-Forms processing.
Our recommendation considered these factors, among many others:
• Affordability and ‘right-size’ for the professional association; manageable total cost of ownership (TCO) – licenses, support, professional services
• Positions a professional association with an enterprise foundation for expansion into all departments
• Suitable architectural fit with the professional association’s environment and future roadmap
• Accessible/local, reliable and affordable technical talent in the toolset
• Supports alignment with ISO 15489 (e.g., auditability)
• Includes design, build and deploy capabilities, with reliable/responsive vendor technical support, including regular patches/upgrades
• Addresses key functionality such as: Security, Forms templates, form fields, validation, Versatility with aesthetics, and Design tool to create/maintain e-Forms


The focus of this work package was to develop a Enterprise taxonomy and metadata standard. Major themes and drivers of this work are:
• Information is an organizational asset
• Compliance with legal obligations – specifically relevant Acts, including PIPA
• Alignment to ISO15489 Records Management Standard
• Addressing business needs – e.g., search/find of content, enhanced security of content, reduced loss of content, better management of content through its lifecycle, ability to execute electronic records management
Key Records Management Outcomes:

Authorization – designated Chief Records Officer (CRO)
Policy –an authorized, well-defined Records Policy
Standards – enhanced compliance alignment to PIPA and ISO15489; standards in place (e.g., Taxonomy & Metadata Standard, Records Retention Schedule, Imaging Standard)
Procedures – practical set of departmental procedures that clearly define steps
Practices – communicating to and training employees at all levels of the organization in their roles and responsibilities related to records in all media. Practices represent the usual and ordinary course of business
Audit – v0.1 Audit Framework ensures that policy and procedures are properly integrated into the usual and ordinary course of business


The MEx project was a multi-year endeavour to design and build a new member portal within the Sitefinity WCMS framework and to integrate and optimize existing systems with business processes. The presence of ARC consultants was paramount in providing experienced input and execution throughout the project from end-to-end in various roles. This included:
• User Experience Discovery – Attended member and business user discovery meetings, documented and analyzed feedback, prioritized requirements and scope
• Management consulting – Provided consultation on project planning, management, staff allocation, vendor management, issue management and support
• Product and Vendor Selection – RFP scoping and documentation, research and analysis of WCMS product functionality to meet business and technical requirements, vendor interviews, licensing, and cost-benefit analysis
• Business and Systems Analysis – Requirements gathering, business and technical meetings, documentation, demonstrations and presentations, current and future state analysis and design
• Solutioning – Object modelling, process flows, document and records management lifecycle, UI design and prototyping
• Database – Technical requirements gathering, data modelling, governance and standardization, SQL code optimization – drastically improved portal login and dashboard display, processes, key object data changes, seeding and migration
• Architecture – Environment migration, system integration, performance testing, and security testing
• Testing – Planning, scripting, execution, and issue management
• Training – Documentation, video demonstrations


AMA selected ARC to do a top-to-bottom business needs assessment in preparation for an IT transformation of a costly and difficult to maintain legacy (~20+ y/o) system. A collaborative cross-functional team of ARC contractors and other AMA staff was assembled to handle the series of projects as they ramped-up. The assessment was delivered over a ~6-month time frame identifying and quantifying the following dimensions:
• Prioritized Business & Identified Solutions Requirements (customer-focused information, workflow management, document management, member transactions, etc.)
• New technologies mapped to AMA solutions
o CRM – MS Dynamics CRM
o Work flow management – MS Dynamics CRM & M-Files
o Document Management – M-Files
o Accounting Sub-Ledger – home grown MS .Net solutions
o Event Management – MS Dynamics CRM with add-ons
• One non-IT Transformation project was also delivered largely by ARC in concert with AMA. The AMA Member App is a member sought-after app that would give members news, surveys, discussion boards, voting capability, etc. on their mobile devices. This solution is experimental from a “business needs” perspective and AMA is capturing and tracking aggregated usage and feedback to assess further development and tuning.
• As transformation solutions are delivered, AMA has planned for and welcomes expected new transformation projects which are actioned by the AMA/ARC project teams that flesh-out the AMA business transformation solution set


ARC provisioned Office 365 migration, system integration and implementation services. The scope of the project is to migrate RECA’s on-premise environment and RECALive (SharePoint 2013 Intranet) to Office 365. Email services and electronic content stored in RECALive are in-scope of this project. Other document repositories and myRECA platform integration are not in-scope.
The overall objectives of the project included:
• Readiness Assessment
• Prepare for O365 Migration
• Migration and Production Cutover
• Training and User Acceptance Testing
• Closeout and Post-Support


In the context of a move to O365, ARC was selected to provide:
• Assistance with information management requirements, and development and approval of an Information Architecture (e.g., function-based taxonomy and metadata standard as a foundational base by which to reorganize the file shares and setup SharePoint as a repository)
• A reorganization of the file share itself and tagging of high-value content according to this approved structure
• Ensuring business users and technical support staff have been properly trained
• A migration of the high value file share content to the new repository

The work considers these major themes:
• Information is an organizational asset
• Alignment to government legislation (provincial, federal)
• Policies, standards and procedures related to information management
• Business needs and wants – e.g., search/find of content, enhanced security of content, reduced loss of content
• Building for the future
• Adopting best practices, Maximizing investment

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“The ARC consultants have excellent technical, communication and leadership skills. ARC is truly a long term IT consulting partner of RECA."
Stefan Myroniuk, It Manager
Real Estate Council Of Alberta

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