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Power Solutions

Load Settlement Solution

  • ARC led the implementation of a load settlement solution to support the requirements of Retail Access / Customer Choice. This was a multi-phased solution combining software package implementation with customization to support required processing, interfaces and reporting.

    The delivery of solution met tight Government legislated deadlines with accurate results.

Tariff Calculation Solution
  • ARC developed and delivered a custom designed Tariff Calculation application to support the requirements of Retail Access / Customer Choice. This custom solution supports calculation of complex distribution tariffs containing many hourly components. Bill ready results are produced, and provided to invoicing system and retailers. Billing engine is flexible to support tariff changes over time, and can calculate tariffs for ~300,000 sites in less than 2 hours.

Self-Retailer Services Solution

  • ARC developed and implemented a custom designed turnkey solution combining both ARCPower RASeR and ARCPower Biller software products. The delivery of this system to production allowed the client to offer Self-Retailer services to its current and new clients – capturing new market share in this niche area. This solution supported the audit and validation processes of settlement data provided by the Load Settlement Agents (LSAs). It also supported the calculation and verification of site level distribution tariff charges.

Retail Settlement Audit

  • Utilizing ARCPower RASeR product, ARC performed an audit of the settlement results and input data received from Distribution companies. The results of the audit were used to produce forecasting information. The client realized a significant return on its investment with this initiative and are planning to implement permanent validation processes using ARC’s software.

Invoice Reconciliation and Revenue Recovery

  • ARC was tasked with reconciling historical customer invoices for a large power retailer. Utilizing their own retail power billing software, ARC PowerSuite, ARC recalculated historical invoices for customers, allowing the client to correct billing errors and resolve revenue issues relating to these errors. The client continues to use ARC PowerSuite to manage complex power contracts and issue bills to their important large power customers.

Load Settlement Diagnostics and Validation System Development

  • ARC developed a load settlement diagnostics system for a large power wholesaler client in a deregulated market. In accordance with requirements defined by a governing body, this standalone system produces diagnostic reports on electrical load settlement results. At the client’s request, ARC also operated the service initially, but the daily operation was eventually transitioned to the client at ARC’s recommendation.

Revenue Accrual Methodology Implementation

  • ARC designed, developed, and implemented new procedures to check for the accuracy and quality of data used in the revenue accrual process by a large utilities client. ARC supplemented process changes by automating certain procedures, resulting in lower incidence of errors and faster processing times.

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