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ECM Rolls Out Delivery Management Methodology

Edmonton, Alberta — July 1, 2010 — ARC Business Solutions Inc. (ARC) is excited to announce the rollout of a formalized Delivery Management Methodology. Gord Sacuta, ARC's ECM Director along with Graham Murray, ARC's President, jointly commented on the need to formalize this function within the ECM Division: 'Our people are working across North America, and while we were performing delivery management in an informal way, we needed better methods in place to synchronize people, identify and resolve issues/risks, all with a view toward delivering value to our customers. The DMM function gives us a way to optimize delivery and ensure value'.

The newly created function is headed by Karen Chafe, one of ARC's senior ECM practitioners. Delivery Management is a governance function that oversees all ECM projects from beginning to end, and leverages a defined methodology (standards and best practices) with the objective of completing each and every project successfully (e.g., customer satisfied, on-time, on-budget, high quality, IP created).

The objectives and goals for defining a delivery management practice and methodology is to better enable ARC to:
  • Provide a framework for project participants, where roles and responsibilities are clear
  • Set and communicate expectations for the ECM team members, which will optimize coordination within the ECM team
  • Provide clear expectations and procedures for the ECM team to ensure client understanding and expectations are validated and reviewed up front and any discrepancies are identified before project implementation begins, particularly in the case of partner-led sales opportunities.
  • Reinforce the relationship between the business development team and Delivery Manager to ensure realistic expectations are established in the business development phase.
  • Allow effective management of the growing ECM team in the short- and long-term
  • Establishes a formalized governance model to that all projects have the best chance for success and value to the customer
The benefits of delivery management are:
  • Deliver quality solutions to our clients
  • Provide the ability to capture re-usable project components to create repeatable quality solutions to enhance ARC’s ability to compete and win business
  • Become specialized and recognized as experts by our clients, vendor partners and our competition
  • Provides an efficient staff mentorship and governance model
  • Provide a common understanding of team expectations whereby team participation and constructive feedback is encouraged in order to reduce stress and unexpected workload
  • Fosters ECM team career growth and satisfaction
  • Provide a marketable methodology for business development initiatives, showing an established delivery management framework

About ARC Business Solutions Inc.

ARC operates out of 4 regions in Canada – Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto and Regina - and services a broad base of private and public sector clients distributed across North America. Service delivery is focused in four main verticals: Professional Services (software development lifecycle, management consulting, etc.), Enterprise Content Management (document and records management solutions, business process management, compliance), Utility Sector Consulting (de-regulation, billing systems), and Technology Services (technology consulting, Managed Services-IT ‘service desk’ assistance to small and medium sized businesses; Microsoft Certified Infrastructure). 



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